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Monday, April 20, 2009

Make Older Programs Run On XP

Make Older Programs Run On XP

Need to run programs originally developed for previous versions of Windows?

Here’s the trick, Microsoft built Compatibility Mode into XP.

Compatibility Mode allows you to run a program using the shell of the original program it was developed for.

Here's trick to access a program's Compatibility Mode in XP:

Find the executable or program shortcut icon you'd like to run.

Right-click the icon and select Properties.

Click the Compatibility tab and place a checkmark next to the text labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode."

Select the operating system that the program was originally intended to run on.

You may need to fine-tune the three fields under "Display Settings" if an older program requires 640x480 resolution or 256 colors.

Click Apply.

Try starting the program after making these changes.

Most of the time program written for Win95 and Win98 should worked fine

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