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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Disk is write-protected problem

"The Disk is write-protected"problem (Memory card)

Recently when I tried to copy some files to my mmc using card reader it showed me some error saying the disk is write-protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk.

It was working fine before. I have used this card many times before but it never gave any error and suddenly it started showing this error. After going through some forums I came to know that it happens because of write protection notch but there was no such notch or switch on my card.I kept on searching on more forums and after some time I found one solution to this problem. Follow the steps given below if you are also facing the same problem.

1. Run Registry Editor (regedit).
2. Navigate to the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
3. Right click on control and create new key.
4. Name it as StorageDevicePolicies . (Copy and paste it from here if possible)
5. Now click on StorageDevicePolicies and in right side pan right click and select create new dword and name it as WriteProtect.
6. Double click on it and set its value to 0.

Now restart your machine and try copying some files to your card.
If this thing also doesn’t work then keep your card in card reader, connect it to your PC and then restart your system. I don’t know the logic behind this but It worked for me.

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