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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Enjoyable browsing tips

Enjoyable browsing tips

If you feel uneasy internet browsing for some times, these are several tips to make your Internet browsing easier yet faster and efficient :

Bookmark web addresses you most visited.
Some adresses we visited more often everyday, keep them in your bookmark will save more time. You can even make them as your browser start page so they will open everytime you start your browser
Opera : Tools -> Preferences -> General ,type homepage
IE : Tools -> Internet options -> General -> Homepage, type several homepage
Firefox : Tools-> Option -> Main , type homepage

Save password for your account.
Checking emails and other account need you to enter your password, if you had more than one account(ie. email account, forum account, works account, etc) some time its frustrating. Do this tips only if you are the one who use the computer, otherwise anyone can use your account. To do this, click yes if your browser offer to remember your pasword

Find TEXT in a Page.
Long HTML pages can be scanned for keywords by pressing the Ctrl+'F' Keys and entering the text you look for. This is a real time saver when researching specific topics or looking for place or business names.

Reading TEXT clearly.
Reading text on a long pages might make your eyes exhausted and unfocus. To keep you stay focus on a part of page you can click and hold the text, so the text will be highlited and you will find a contrast text easy to read

Quick type url address.
Typing www. ......... .com is not efficient in time, you can just type the address and press ctrl+enter. then the www. ... .com will appear appropriately

Fast Navigations.

Did you know that within any browser, by clicking on mouse's RIGHT button, you will be noticed with "back", "forward", "reload", and "stop"?

This quick tip will save mouse from becoming very exhausted going up to top left hand corner back and forth all the time!

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