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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home » How to Guide Extend your Monitor - Connect Laptop to LCD

Home » How to Guide Extend your Monitor - Connect Laptop to LCD

Do you want to extend your workspace from the 13-15″ screen to its double or triple size? Then why not connect a LCD monitor to your Laptop and extend your desktop space where your programs are available on both of your screens. Its very simple option the way we connected 2 monitors to 1 computer where the screen would show same stuff paralelly but in this article we are talking about showing some of your desktop items on one monitor and some on the extended monitor.

VGA Port Extended Monitor Connect

You need to connect the connector of your extended monitor or LCD screen through the VGA Port in your laptop and enable Dualview. Once this is done you need to work on settings in order to setup the Primary Monitor and the Extended Monitor in the Display Properties.

Go to your Display Properties and under the ‘Settings’ tab you will find the list of all the monitors connected to main computer or laptop. From here you need to decide which of your monitors would work as primary and which one as extended one. Since i didnt install any drivers for the Extended 22″ Samsung T220 Monitor, it was connected as a Plug and Play Monitor with the same name. You can click on the numbers given and set their display properties.

Monitor Display Properties Extended Desktop

Generally its not recommended to touch or change any settings of the 1st monitor since thats your primary monitor and it should be kept unchanged. Click on the Drop-Down List and select the second monitor and , click on the Check Box option for ‘Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor’ . Once you select the option you will find the 2nd monitor activated and you have the option to either set is a Primary or continue as a Extended Monitor.

Monitor Display Properties Extended Desktop

If you have a higher resolution monitor as extended one, you can change all its Screen Resolution, Colour Quality etc in the same section. Here you can Drag both the monitor icons in order to match the physical arrangements, this option can be helpful when one of your monitor is overlapping the other and you can see just a part of you extended monitor instead of the complete display. Thats it , carefully recheck all the settings and click on Apply followed by ok to complete this process.

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