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Monday, May 18, 2009

Save your laptop from water damage

Save your laptop from water damage
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How to save your laptop from water damage? I believe there are many people like to use their laptop and at the same time drink their favourite coffee or drinks. However, the worst thing happen is that when we accidentally pour the water on the laptop, our laptop will be gone! Here I would like to share you about 6 steps to save the laptop.

1. Cut off the power source completely. Don't switch off by pressing the switch off button, but turn off the plug and remove the batteries at the same time.

2. Remove all important parts of the laptop such as memory, hard disk etc. Don't need to take out the mother board.

3. Remove the keyboard of your laptop and clean it with a clean cloth.

4. Use a hair dryer to dry the laptop. You must use cold air (not hot air) to dry the laptop.

5. After drying the laptop, let it aside for about one day. Put in all parts of the laptop and switch on.

6. If it cannot function normally after trying the above steps, you should send your laptop to the factory.


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